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Create A Unique & Memorable Concession Experience

National brands are important, but Local artists and entrepreneurs bring the vibe of the city, and its community to airport guests giving them each a true local experience and sense of place. Flying Leap is an expert at resourcing local businesses and artists for products and full concepts to incorporate in your proposal.

  • We act as your liaison, representative, and partner throughout the process.

  • We present your concept to the airport decision-makers

  • We help negotiate your lease agreements

  • We help secure the best location for your brand

  • With Flying Leap as your liaison, we help you satisfy a variety of compliance requirements

  • Assisting local companies with their ACDBE certifications.

Quality, Custom Uniforms Without The Hassle

Uniforms are an essential part of your brand and customer service. But, as a business leader, sourcing quality uniforms can be both complex and time consuming. From finding suppliers, getting pricing, and storing and tracking stock, it can be difficult to manage every aspect of uniform procurement on your own. 


As your partner, we will hold your hand through the entire process ensuring quality products, timely delivery, and an exceptional customer experience.

  • We will work with you to understand your existing inventory

  • We will present relevant and well-branded options

  • We will manage fullfillment, shipping and delivery

  • We help coordinate reorders so you’re always ahead of your needs

Flying Leap makes the process simple and easy!

No matter what your struggle is, and whether you work in the government sector, own a franchise, or run a small business, you want to attract customers by projecting a professional image that effectively promotes your company brand, and we get it! 

Affordable Products That Make An Impression

Spending time researching promotional products is more than likely taking time away from you doing what you do best. At the same time, having relevant promotional products can do great things for your business and your brand.

An example of this is a thoughtful year-end gift with your company logo and a handwritten thank you note. Gestures like this will go far in gaining your customers loyalty and long-term business. Since acquiring a new customer can cost up to five times more than retaining an existing customer, promotional gifts are well worth the investment!

At Flying Leap, we have you covered. 

  • We help come up with interesting, practical, trending and appropriate products based on your brand, company, and budget.

  • We source, price and manage the process from concept to delivery.

  • As a certified ACDBE partner, we help you meet contract requirements and compliance.

Whether you are sure about the customized products you need or need help coming up with ideas, Flying Leap has you covered. We will help you source quality products at affordable prices that your customers will be impressed with.

We can customize virtually anything with your business brand and logo.

For any business sector, promotional items help reach out to potential customers and retain current customers. It is a low-cost, yet highly effective, marketing method to promote your brand.

Here is a list of some common items that are order…

• Accessories

• Apparel

• Awards

• Bags

• Corporate Gifts

• Drinkware

• Health and Wellness

• Masks, Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

• Office Accessories

• Tech Products

• Toiletries

• Toys and Games

• Umbrellas

• Writing Instruments


Request A Consult

Sign up for a consultation to tell us more about your needs and learn how we can help.


Select Your Products

We’ll create a custom presentation with hand-selected products that fit your needs.


Elevate Your Brand

As your concierge, we manage all order logistics from start to finish, so you can focus on your business.

How To Get Started

We provide personalized care from start to finish.


When your goal is to build an airport concessions program that evokes a sense of place and local culture while serving the needs of discerning passengers, you need a consultant like Flying Leap.
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