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5 Items to Consider to Improve Customer Satisfaction

As a small business owner or manager, you may find yourself running out of creative ideas when it comes to finding ways to not only attract but retain your customers. Or you may be focusing too much on gaining new customers but not paying enough attention to how to retain the ones you have. If you need help thinking of fun ways to retain your customers and improve customer satisfaction, we’re your one-stop resource for promotional products!

How to Keep Customers Coming Back

Why is it important to retain your current customers? Because customer retention not only increases your customers’ lifetime value, it also boosts your revenue. Not only that, repeat customers tend to spend more and are more likely to try out your new products or services. So, you should work towards building trust and loyalty towards your brand in order to see your customer base – and profits – increase over time.

“If we don’t acknowledge our customers and find creative ways to thank them, they won’t be as loyal. They’ll just go someplace else” – Anita Leopold

Research shows that, in addition to providing consistently outstanding customer service, there are 3 psychological triggers that make customers happy to continue doing business with you. They are:

  • A Personal Touch – However you interact with a customer, make sure it has a personal touch, and that you get to know your customer on a human level as much as possible.

  • The VIP treatment – Gestures that make a customer know how important they are to you and your business will go far in making them remain loyal.

  • Consistent Reciprocity – Thanking your customers with special gifts will make them feel uniquely valued and appreciated.

A great way to acknowledge and thank your customers is to offer them complimentary gifts that reflect your brand and line of business. The products and gifts will of course vary, depending on your business sector, but the point is to think of gifts that your customers will remember you for. If you want to add even more of a ‘wow’ factor, give your customer a surprise gift when they least expect it! Here are a few suggestions for promotional items that are sure to bring a smile to their face and keep them coming back:

1. Pens and Journals – If you are in the B2B sector, business products such as branded pens, journals, notepads, and laptop bags make great gifts. A calendar with images and content that reflect your mission statement is a useful gift that will also make your customers feel included in your journey.

2. Sustainable Shopping Bags – For those in the retail or grocery sector, gifts such as high quality, sustainably produced shopping bags (think Trader Joe’s!) or a backpack with a matching water bottle make great gifts for loyal customers.

3. Travel Kits or Totes – For business or frequent travelers, consider giving them a nice travel kit, travel tote, umbrella or scented neck roll.

4. Sleep Masks and Blankets – Are you in the hospitality business? Make your guest feel welcome and special with a branded toiletry set, sleep mask, travel blanket or a basket of treats with a selection of specialty teas.

5. Branded Attire– Yoga, dance, or fitness patrons love receiving a free yoga or exercise mat, towels, or branded attire as a ‘thank you’ for their business.

Simply stated: The quality and uniqueness of your gift should reflect the level of loyalty and business your customer has provided. In other words, reciprocate in a personal, meaningful way that acknowledges their level of support. These gestures should go a long way in both delighting and retaining your customers.


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