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Summer Advertising Products You’ll Love

It may still be May, but summer is just around the corner – so it’s never too early to start thinking about summer-themed advertising products. Whether you’re in the hotel/restaurant, spa, automotive, or healthcare business – or any business, large or small – there is really no limit to creative ways you can use promotional products to increase awareness of your brand.

Once we share a few suggestions, we know we’ll get the (beach) ball rolling and you’ll come up with ideas that are specific to your industry and brand. The point is to find ways for your brand to become part of your prospect’s summer experience, so here are some ways to help you do just that!

Summer-themed Promotional Products

Here are some very cool summer product ideas that will help spread your brand awareness like sunshine!

Beach Cup Holders – People want to be able to enjoy a cool drink at the beach without drinking sand along with it! Give your favorite customers a branded cup holder to keep their beverage from tipping over. It’s great to keep cell phones and other important items away from the sand as well.

Portable Cooler Bags – Keep cold beverages cool with a portable, insulated beverage cooler. Your customers will thank you for this thoughtful, branded gift. Add an insulated thermos for your VIPs!

Branded Beach Towels – Give your guests a branded beach towel with your company colors and logo. It’s sure to be a big hit on beach, pool or spa days!

Foldable Beach Chairs – A lightweight beach chair that’s easy to fold and get in and out of a car is sure to make your clients smile. And what a great way to highlight your brand.

Colorful Portable Fans – Help your fans beat the heat with a portable fan! There are so many colors to choose from, just add your logo, and voila! They’ll remember your business every time they turn it on!

Shade Umbrella with Your Logo – A colorful, branded shade umbrella works great for the beach, backyard, or outdoor events and will do a great job of showing off your logo too!

Branded Attire – How about a Hawaiian shirt or dress with logo-themed leis to create a tropical vibe? Customized T-shirts, shorts, and fanny packs work great too for any kind of summer celebration such as a VIP client event, sales awards ceremony, or corporate gathering.

Sun Protection Products – If you’re in the hotel, spa, skincare, or dermatology business, what better way to show that you care than by giving your clients sun protection products? From sunscreen and after-sun care to moisturizer to lip balm, your branded gifts will keep your service in their mind throughout the summer and beyond!

Barbeque Sets – They’ll think of you every time they fire up the grill if you give them a nice barbeque set. Add a branded apron, and they’ll invite you over too!

Inflatables and Floaties – A floating flamenco may be a little over the top, but you get the idea. Branded beach balls, floating lounge chairs, and pong sets are sure to create memorable days for your prospects.

Wind-up Watertoys and Boats – Pool and bathtub toys make for hours of fun – especially for kids! Whether your clients are kids – or kids at heart – well…you get the drift.

We bet these ideas have got you dreaming of summer fun and your own ways to highlight your brand with advertising products. Virtually any product can be customized or personalized and become part of your brand’s unique way of celebrating the season. So let your creative ideas flow, then share them with a company that specializes in promotional products for your business and you’re sure to sail into the most successful summer ever!

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