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5 Ways An Advertising Strategy Using Uniforms Can Help Grow Your Business

Try to think of an organization that uses branded uniforms. What comes to mind? Southwest Airlines? Krispy Kremes? Hot Dog on a Stick?? There are so many examples! What do their uniforms have in common? Striking company color combinations, a highly visible company logo, and sometimes even a catchy tagline. This is why uniforms are called “walking advertisements” – and are a great advertising strategy to help grow your business. Here’s how:

  1. Uniforms promote your logo and brand – Employees are an extension of your company. So when they wear uniforms displaying your business logo and colors, they promote your brand and help differentiate you from the competition by giving it a physical presence on a daily basis.

  2. Uniforms create an attractive business image – Let’s face it, first impressions are important, and a business can be judged by their employee’s appearance and how they dress. By incorporating a uniform program and dress code, you can quickly establish a professional business image that attracts and helps retain customers.

  3. Uniforms help you maintain a cohesive look – Uniforms that use company or logo colors make it possible for every employee in your business to be easily identifiable by the public. Uniforms not only allow each member of your team to stand out as a part of your business, but they also ensure that all of your staff present a consistent look to your customers.

  4. Uniforms enhance customer service – If your company has direct customer contact, branded uniforms help customers immediately identify your representatives so they can be approached for help. This improves customer service and the overall buying experience.

  5. Uniforms communicate the evolution of your brand – Uniforms can make an important statement about the culture, values, and evolution of your brand. It is possible to stay current and fashion-forward, while still maintaining your color theme. A simple refresh every few years can help grow your business by providing a subtle point of difference, projecting key brand messaging, and creating a relevant workplace culture.

If it hadn’t occurred to you that uniforms can be a very effective yet affordable part of your overall advertising strategy, we hope these points have convinced you. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing uniforms that reflect your unique brand and what your company wants to be known for.


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