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How to Include Promotional Products in Your Marketing Plan

With the dawning of this digital age, you might think that using promotional products for your business is a thing of the past. Though they aren’t quite as over-the-top as they were 20 -30 years ago – when companies put their logo on everything from mousepads to socks – promotional products can still play a significant role in your company’s marketing plan.

As a business owner, you want to make sure your marketing dollars are being spent in the most effective way possible – we get that! But investing in giveaways such as pen sets, water bottles, calendars or keychains can give you a surprising return on your investment when you think about how they promote and remind people about your brand. So, whether your marketing goal is to retain customers or attract a new segment of customers, don’t leave promotional products out of the mix! Still not convinced? Let’s go over some of the ways you can use promotional products to grow your business:

  • Give away items – People will never stop loving getting free things. Branded freebies such as apparel, totes, desk accessories, or specialty foods – are great ways to win a prospect’s heart. For instance, let’s say during your sales process, your prospect expresses how much they love golf. You may send them a branded golf towel, golf tees, or golf balls with your company logo on them and a note that says, “I hope you enjoy your next game of golf” – then watch their surprise and delight! When you listen closely and send promotional items that relate to a conversation, you can bet that you will be a front runner in their purchasing decision. Small gestures like this really help you stand out and increase your sales conversions!

  • Make it personal – Not every item you give away needs to have your logo on it, especially if they are already a customer and you are trying to upsell them. Consider putting your client’s name on an item using only your brand colors instead. Let’s say that you have a yoga studio and are offering a new type of class that uses resistance bands. You may send them resistance bands in your brand colors with a personalized yoga mat that has their name on it along with a special offer for buying a class package. This really conveys, in a personal, meaningful way, how much you appreciate them and helps you increase sales.

  • Try catchy apparel – While customers may not be as thrilled to wear attire that shows off your logo – unless we’re talking Adidas or Nike – they are more likely to wear something with a catchy phrase. “Got Milk?” – a phrase created by the American Dairy Association – was a big hit. Your business may have a catchy tagline that a prospect would resonate with and enjoy wearing such as “Moving forward, taking the leap”. Not only can you give them this when they become a client but you can send it to them after a consultation to make them feel a part of the movement!

  • Offer relevant gifts – There is a buzzword going around: “environmental targeting”. It’s probably not what you think. Environmental targeting is giving away items that will be used in the environment where decisions that involve your product or service will be made. As an example, if you own an online business, giving out branded mouse pads or flash drives makes sense. If you own a yoga or fitness business, it would make more sense to give away an exercise tote or towel. These gifts are another great idea for thanking them for their time after a consultation which will help create a deeper connection and ultimately win the sale.

  • Don’t forget your employees! – Employees can be your greatest brand advocates if they love working for you! They will take pride in using your promotional products as well since they like to feel they are part of a growing and successful company. Giving them free products shows your gratitude and appreciation, and also helps boost their morale. Not only that, if they have regular access to branded items that can be handed out as gifts to family and friends, they will play an important role in your marketing efforts.

Bottom line: If you aren’t using promotional products for your business – regardless of what sector your business is in – you’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity. It’s time to join a broad range of industries that continue to grow their business using promotional products. They not only help promote your brand, but they also help attract and retain your most loyal customers.


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