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Promotional Items You’ll Love!

As a business owner, you may be looking for affordable ways to promote your brand without busting your budget. There are many ways to maintain and grow your customer base but one of the most cost-effective ways is to give your customers and employees branded items. They are a big hit for businesses, large and small, for several reasons. The main benefits of investing in promotional items include:

  • Low-cost, lasting marketing – Products that are used every day serve as constant reminders of a brand and a customer’s connection with it.

  • Creating a physical connection – Something a customer can hold on to builds a tangible connection between them and your business.

  • Replacing business cards – Instead of handing someone a business card, try delighting clients with a free travel mug or tote with your company info instead!

  • Establishing a reputation for quality – Promotional products that are high quality demonstrate that you care about your customers or employees. High-quality items also reflect the standard of service that sets your business apart.

If you haven’t considered buying promotional items for your business, these points should help convince you. If you’re wondering which items would best suit your particular line of business, read on! There are some popular items you can buy that would work for virtually any business or sector.

Hot Sellers You’ll Love for 2021

There are 2 main categories that drive many of the promotional product purchases we see these days: Remote Work and Sustainability. Since many people are working remotely during Covid- 19, employers are coming up with creative ways to connect with their remote workforce in addition to their customers. Employees and customers also feel good about using products that are sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly.

Home Office Products

When many of us are spending the majority of our day – and life – working remotely in a home office, it’s always a thrill to receive a box with something fun that we can place on our desk or bookcase. Examples of home office products to give employees or customers include:

  • Branded mugs or water bottles – A quality, reusable water bottle with your logo serves as a daily reminder of your company. A branded mug and electric warmer set would make a great gift for top employees or VIP clients.

  • Mouse or mousepad – Considering sending a branded mouse and/or mousepad as a nice accessory for your remote workers.

  • Pen and notepad sets – Customized pens, notepads or sticky notepads are a no-fail and a great way to keep your brand alive in people’s memory.

  • Wall or desk calendars – While many of us depend more on digital calendars, it’s still nice to have a wall or desk calendar – especially if it has nice images and inspirational quotes. Calendars or journals make great new year gifts for employees and customers.

  • Ergonomic products – Supportive cushions and foot rests make great gifts that show that you care. Other ergonomic items that you could customize include keyboards, monitor stands, document stands and laptop stands.

  • Aromatic products – Branded candles and aroma diffusers add a human touch and provide comfort and care during these stressful times.

  • Speakers and headphones It’s been proven that music helps people work more productively, and it also helps reduce stress. Consider gifting your customers or employees with a branded wireless speaker or set of headphones.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Awareness about the environment and the well-being of our planet is increasing and becoming a global concern. In our effort to reduce the impact of plastic waste, many of us have adopted reusable products in place of disposable plastic products. We’ve also become more aware of how products are sourced and who they are made by. With this in mind, here are some examples of popular sustainable products:

  • Reusable water bottles – Branded reusable water bottles made from aluminum, steel or glass make great gifts that also help save the environment.

  • Branded travel mugs – Insulated travel mugs make great gifts for those who travel a lot, and help reduce plastic waste as well.

  • Eco-friendly umbrellas – Consider giving your clients a stylish yet eco-friendly umbrella. Some have bamboo handles, recyclable aluminum shaft or even PET fabric made from recycled materials!

  • Insulated coolers and lunch packs – Customized coolers for employees and students not only help them save money on take-out – they also help save the environment since many take-out bags, containers and utensils are made of disposable plastic. Coolers also encourage people to eat healthier, homemade foods.

  • Reusable bags – If you are in the food or retail business, reusable bags are a must! There is no end to creative ways you could use shopping bags to promote and create positive messages for your brand.

  • Recycled plastic mats and totes – For businesses in the yoga, fitness or spa industry, providing a mat and tote made from recycled plastics not only promotes your brand, but shows that you are conscious about the environment.

Bottom line: Any products you choose to give your customers or employees are guaranteed to provide a tangible, lasting, and positive connection with your brand and what it stands for, which no amount of marketing or paid advertising can buy!


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